Kristan Seaford, raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a 40-year-old, married woman with five children, aged 2-12. She also has a Bachelor in English and Psychology from Duke University and a Master in Counselor Education from Wake Forest University as well as a NC License in Professional Counseling. Kristan's early career included has worked in several colleges and an academic, career, and personal counseling.  She also served as a therapist in private practice, working with children, adolescents, and adults. She focused her attention on individuals and families suffering through anxiety, depression, eating disorders, abuse, divorce, major or minor life changes. 

As a stay-at-home mom who taught group exercise and ran marathons on the side, Kristan's life screeched to a halt and then veered in a new direction in November of 2013 when a catastrophic illness struck. What began as the flu and strep throat turned into pneumonia and a life-threatening condition called septic shock. After 100 days, a medically-induced coma, six hospitals, and a miracle, she survived. 

However, the powerful medications and treatments that saved her life also changed it for ever. Today she lives as a triple amputee, with her remaining foot missing the toes and heel. And she is as busy as ever - parenting those five children, driving her children to their various activities, volunteering at their schools, and even teaching group exercise classes again at the YMCA. She has also become a motivational and faith-building speaker, and is writing her first book, See Kristan Run.

Want to know more about Kristan's journey? Read her caring bridge site (which chronicles the day by day of her life threatening illness) here.