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My sister, Brittany, put together a gorgeous book — Mercies in Disguise — of all the CaringBridge entries and comments made during my illness and recovery back in 2013-2014. Thank you Brittany for this thoughtful gift; which, I'm sure, quite an arduous task! What a labor of love and kindness—  not only putting the book together but also the beautifully written journal entries, the comments posted, the prayers lifted, and the acts of love towards me and my family that it recorded. One comment noted that, during one 5-hour period, over 1,000 people had visited the site. Wow. 

There were literally thousands of people across the country praying for us, praying for me! It is no wonder that I recovered to where I can enjoy my life and enjoy my family! Truly, I'm surprised did not grow new hands and feet!

As I read and reflect on the stories (of which there were many) in this book, I am struck with a myriad of emotions --   But mostly I am grateful. Grateful for my life, my faith, my husband, my children, my family, and friends.  I could never in a million years thank everyone for their part in my story. All I can do is face every day, every struggle, every failure, every success, and every miracle with gratitude, perseverance, and HOPE. Whether your contributions were physical, spiritual, or financial in nature, I thank you. And I’ll continue to thank you all the days of my life. 

Mercies in Disguise covers that first year of experiences from my family’s point of view. And it is beautiful. But I am also writing my own book, from my perspective. So Mercies in Disguise won’t be the last book you’ll see with my name on it.  My dear friend Judy Boles has been helping me transcribe my story, my experiences, and my thoughts. It’s slow-going, but it is coming. My book is on its way!