"Courage, grace, and fortitude. These three words capture the inspiration personified in Kristan Seaford - mother, fitness trainer, and triple amputee.
Kristan is the bravest, most courageous woman I know. I have said as much in public interviews and written about her in articles
on mental and physical fitness. Earlier this year, I asked her to be the keynote speaker at the monthly luncheon for the Active Charlotte Alliance,
a coalition of hundreds of health, wellness, and fitness experts and enthusiasts who seek to elevate Charlotte’s “active” community
and opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Kristan’s story touched everyone in some way. 
She was the most articulate and inspirational speaker we have ever hosted. Her attitude is indomitable.
Her enthusiasm for life is infectious. Her strength in the face of personal and professional devastation have left a lasting impact
not only on members of our alliance, but our entire community.
Kristan is an exemplary motivational speaker capable of inspiring each individual and every crowd to overcome life’s challenges
with courage and grace. Without hesitation, I would recommend her as a speaker
for people of all ages and all walks of life!" 

Paula Broadwell
President and Co-Founder
Active Charlotte Alliance

"Kristan's first request was for me to 'make her arms so she could embrace her baby Jeannie.'
I quickly learned that Kristan's spirit takes hold of you in a way
that even the most technologically advanced prosthetic hands never can.
Her spirit will embrace you in warmth, strength, and compassion, with a power that will change your every day.
Her story is not what she has overcome, but rather what to do with the gifts we have all been given.
I'm blessed that Kristan has taken hold; you will be too."

Mike Jenks
Senior Prosthetist

Hanger Prosthetics

"Kristan's story is a miraculous blessing of hope, courage and strength. 
She brings grace and wisdom to the bigger story of life we all share - how to live one day at a time
trusting in the healing power of God and community.
Her generous spirit, intelligence and fantastic sense of humor makes her a delightful and engaging speaker."

Linda Flynn
Executive Director
Charlotte Spirituality Center

"Kristan Seaford delivers an uplifting and powerful message on how personal strength
and perseverance can overcome incredible physical obstacles.
She is a role model for all, and her personal journey and story is a great example of how, through extraordinary human spirit
and hard work, you can achieve your goals. Her inspirational message and physical presence
is something that we can all learn from for years to come. Kristan is the epitome of strength. 
She is a strong, determined woman whom I am blessed to have had the opportunity to hear speak and share her story."
Kim Montgomery
Varsity Soccer Team Head Coach
Ardrey Kell High School

"Kristan is an inspiration to our congregation. Her physical strength to endure the hours of therapy,
her mental strength to remain positive, her maternal strength to be present and care for her children and her spiritual strength
to remain steadfast in her faith continue to awe and transform those she meets. 
Whenever we find ourselves complaining about our struggles and the obstacles we must face,
Kristan is right there not to scold or seek our pity but to raise us up with encouragement,
fill us with faith and strengthen us with a message of hope from a God who declares,
"Behold, I make all things new."

Scott Suskovic
Senior Pastor
Christ Lutheran Church

Kristan Seaford was invited to be the keynote speaker at a recent women’s spiritual conference entitled “Enduring With An Attitude of Gratitude,” 
which for anyone who knows Kristan - is a perfect description of her. Each participant stayed glued to every word Kristan
was speaking as she eloquently related the circumstances in her recent life. Kristan included facts, stories, comical references plus references
which each woman could picture and relate in her own personal life. Kristan did not have a “canned” talk but geared her talk
to the conference theme, constantly and consistently intertwining our theme and her story. 
I totally concur:  “Kristan is an exemplary motivational speaker capable of inspiring each individual and every crowd to overcome life’s challenges.”
Kristan’s demeanor and positive attitude gives each person in whom she connects the opportunity to strive to be the best they can be;
to not dwell on the past but to live in the present and with gladness of heart look forward to the future.

Suzette W. Long

High Point Stake Relief Society
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Kristan spoke at the 2016 CIMRO Conference held in Baltimore, MD. Kristan shared her amazing life story with our group. She did this with a clear message of HOPE. Throughout the presentation there were certainly moments where Kristan’s story had our group in tears; however, she quickly used humor and her obvious passion for life and family to lighten the mood. I believe Kristan’s message will resonate with any group – corporate, church, civic, community, etc. The message is clear – continue to have HOPE, you can get through even the craziest of life’s obstacles and to keep everything in perspective. A message that can benefit everyone.

Sara Webb