Owning a private practice represents a longtime dream come true! Helping others brings me such joy and fulfillment; and, while I may no longer be able to make a dinner casserole or babysit for a friend in need, I can absolutely still offer a listening ear and a trained eye for
everything from situational stressors to major psychological disorders.

My educational background and theoretical orientation lead me to believe that each person (when given unconditional positive regard) is
capable of becoming their most authentic and actualized self. From this perspective, the therapist's job is to actively listen,
to seek to understand, and to accept the client -- to provide unconditional positive regard.
As such, the therapeutic relationship between counselor and client is of utmost importance. It is
from there that the real "work" of counseling begins and succeeds. Therapy is most definitely
hard work; but I am confident you'll find it to be worthwhile. 

My own experience with trauma and daily physical challenges serves as an enormous strength for me as a counselor. These personal struggles give me compassion for and insight into many of the psychological issues that my clients face each day. Much like a recovering addict makes for a fantastic substance abuse counselor, someone who has faced enormous obstacles of her own can relate to and commiserate with a client who is fighting his/her own battles.

As of August 1, 2017,Kristan is seeing individuals and couples for counseling
at her office in downtown Matthews, NC.  She accepts most insurance plans, and she is contracted as an in-network,
preferred provider with Cigna and United Healthcare/Optum Behavioral Healthcare. In addition, she provides counseling through Open Path.
  Kristan happily accepts private-pay clients and provides discounts for those who would like this option. Finances should
never be a barrier to mental healthcare, and Kristan is passionate about doing her part to making this ideal become a reality. 


Office located at:

230 W. John Street, Suite 201 Matthews, NC 28104